Practice Areas

The Burke Law Firm practices in a variety of areas.  These are our main areas of practice.

Domestic Relations. This is an area of practice sometimes referred to as family law.  Divorce (with or without custody issues) is our primary focus within this practice area, and we handle simple divorces as well as complex, multi-dimensional divorce cases.  We can also help you deal with the problems that arise after your divorce has been finalized.  Click here to learn more about they types of family law cases we handle.

Business and Commercial Law.  Whether you are a simple start-up business trying to figure out whether you should form a corporation or an LLC, or you are a sophisticated and successful business already, there will always be legal issues for you to navigate.  Whether it's drafting complicated buy-sell agreements or representing parties in business break-ups, fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, or employment law issues, we can help you and your business in both planning and transaction, as well as litigation.  We have represented numerous clients in sales and acquisitions transactions, as well as in litigation in state and federal court, and in front of state regulatory agencies.

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation.  Your real estate issue might be as simple as preparing a contract for the sale of land.  Or, maybe your bought your dream home, only to discover that the seller failed to disclose some material problems with house.  Perhaps you are a contractor and need to know about mechanics' and materialmen's liens--or a homeowner needing to defend against a lien because your contractor didn't pay a sub-contractor.  We have significant experience in all areas of real estate transactions and litigation.

Criminal Law.  We handle all types of misdemeanors (including DWI/DUI), as well as felony cases.  While we do not handle cases like rape, homicide, child sex offenses or arson, we can refer you to a number of local attorneys who have significant experience in these areas.

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